Make your own Cloth Pad & Liner


A long time ago women have used different forms of menstrual protection.
I even asked my ninang about it, she said most of them just used strips of folded cloth rags and they have different strategies on how they will pin it. Some used safety pins (...ouch! scary), some just tie it, while others have there own self-made undies for their period. For my ninang's version she tries to use sando plastic bag below the cloth pad to avoid blood leak when outside.

And this trend seems to really have gone a long long time ago, and all you can see now are vast variety of highly commercialized disposable pads. You might even think to try them all just to find the one that suits you.

But then, due to environmental issues and global awareness this trend seems to make its come back. People nowadays are more conscious in taking action for saving our mother earth.

So, why not give this a try.
Not just creating less waste in our landfills and saves up your money.
Ouch-less, and no irritations persists!

But for convenience, I think it needs discipline & practice then you'll get by. Just make sure to bring a wet bag when on the go.





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